Monday, March 14, 2011

T-Shirt Designs.

In my few years in badminton, I've seen some of the coolest T-Shirt designs that I've ever seen.

It's great to see such a big variety, and with each year and each open tournament in varying countries, the designs continue to blow my mind. Honestly-- I haven't seen any other sport with such cool T-shirt designs.

One of my favorites is the one below...(and I think I can say the same for many others. I've seen this shirt on multiple players in all of our tournaments!)
Yonex Open Super Series 2009. The bright color choices really get me.

Chinese Horoscope Tshirt: This one is adorable, but I haven't seen anyone wear it yet! Shows every animal in the Chinese zodiac playing badminton...! Where can I get my hands on one of these...?

Yonex World Championships: This one's nice, too. People tend to like the Asian-esque designs...I believe this one also comes in assorted colors. There are plenty of other shirt designs that are like this one-- Chinese Calligraphy surrounded by mythical creatures...I'll let this one represent the rest...

And, one can't forget the 2009 Yonex Tiger shirt worn by Malaysia team KoonKienKeat&TanBoonHeong. They're on FIIREEEE.........

Image taken from BadmintonCentral.

Fashion during badminton tournaments tends to be a big thing-- especially to guys, believe it or not! Most of the men that I know worry more about what they're going to wear than the women......especially when deciding on a "SEMI-FINALS" or "FINALS!" shirt...

(One Canadian player actually switched rackets when he switched his shirts, so his grip would match his shirt...! I'm sure a few of you will know who I'm referring to...very stylish.)

Most memorable attire has to be High School-- when my mixed doubles partner showed up in a Tootsie Roll costume. Obviously, the tournament wasn't very professional...but it was definitely a game to remember.

As the years continue, badminton shirts continue to impress me. Can't wait for new designs to come out!

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  3. In sports, uniforms really matter, not only because it improves performance, but also it makes you look great while on the field. Whatever t-shirt print or design will stand out if the one who’s wearing it is playing great. I'll give an example. I personally like the uniforms of Lee Chong Wei, which is basically very simple. Yet, he looks good at the court because it's his skills whose doing the job. But well, I love the way the sports designs are evolving every year. :)

    [Celsa Weatherholtz]

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  5. fred,
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